5 best ways to buy airline tickets

Flights can be the largest chunk of your trip budget, but these sites make buying a flight a bit lighter on your wallet. There are two ways to do it: searching for a flight for specific location and time, or if you’re flexible. Tip: With flexibility comes greater savings.


Here are the best kept airline secrets:


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Sky Scanner

 This is my first go to when looking for flights. It’s a flight search engine that shows the cheapest deal.

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Google Flights

More interactive user face including “Discover Trips” where eyou can set dates, places and interests. Google Flights allows you to include the “Multi-city” option when searching for flights. This means you can fly from different locations without having to buy one way tickets each place. For example, you can fly Orlando to Florence, and then from Rome to Orlando, and it’ll be within the same purchase.

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A low airfare alert site that covers all airlines. You can sign up for email airfare alerts.

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Secret Flying 

If you’re dying to travel, but flexible on time and location, this is the site for you. How it works: This site offers details to the most incredible flight deals(I’m talking US to Asia for less than $500). When they find a great deal, it’s immediately posted it on the website. 

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Travel Pirates

 Similar to Secret Flying, Travel Pirates is a travel resource for posting the most affordable flight deals.

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