Be sure to check these items off your list before you board your plane abroad.


1. Apply for your Passport

2. Make a copy of your Passport and any other important documents.

3. Bring a folder: Store your important documents in here, this is also a handy way to collect any paper items memories you get along the way (tickets, postcards, etc.)

4. Ensure you don’t need a visa to get into the country your visiting. Getting stuck in the airport until your expedited visa comes in does not sound like an item on my bucket-list. Also, be aware if you have to pay a entrance/exit fee when visiting the country.

5. Check in with your doctor for any medications or shots you may need to ensure of your health when visiting a foreign country.

6. Fill any regular prescriptions.

7. Double check all of your carry on liquids and gels are under 3.4oz.


(Gotoob – one of my favorite carry on items to condense shampoos, soaps and conditioners in) 

8. Call your credit + debit card company and let them know what countries you’ll be visiting.

9. Secure all credit + debit cards – surprisingly, a lot of places throughout the world don’t accept credit cards, so it’s always a good idea to have cash on you at all times. Make sure to have a minimum of 2 debit cards, from different banks, just in case on debit card gets lost or puts a hold on your account (this happens more times than you can imagine).

10. Make sure your credit + debit card doesn’t charge any foreign transaction fees. If they do, look into getting a card that doesn’t.

11. Get the local currency (if you’re able) before you go, you can request it in advance from your bank.


12. Bring about $100 worth of cash with you in US dollars.

13. Book your first few days (or weeks) of accommodation depending on length and spontaneity of your trip.

14. Make sure you know the address and exactly how to get to your accommodation from the city’s airport. To be safe, print out a Google Map of directions to show to your taxi/uber driver upon arrival. ESPECIALLY if you’re staying in a hostel, which are often on residential or not well known streets.


15. Break in your shoes and make sure they’re comfortable and don’t give blisters.

16. If you are a student, or have your old student ID – BRING IT! There are student discounts at museums and sites all around the world. It can often make a dramatic difference in entry fees.