Hi friends! My name is Katie, and I’m a 25 year old social marketer living in Washington D.C. I have a serious passion passion for jet setting around the world  and popping champagne. By the time I was 3, my parents had carried baby Klo around to 21 countries. With traveling being a frequent part of my life growing up, it was no surprise when I turned 20 and wanted to have my Eat Pray Love moment studying abroad in Italy.


(1996 in Bonaire with my parents)

I learned the beautiful Italian language while eating my body weight in gelato and home-made pasta. The year after, I spent the summer in 2014 exploring Southeast Asia – thank goodness for summer break in between semesters. From trekking across The Great Wall of China to learning how to scuba dive in Koh Tao, it was the adventure of a lifetime. I spent 2 months glampacking (glamorously backpacking) through China, Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia.

Ever since graduating from University of Central Florida, I’ve been pursuing my love for travel and blogging along the way.


(graduated with a degree in Marketing in December, 2014)

After graduating, I worked full time and lived at home in Orlando to save for future travels. Summer of 2015 I headed out with my three best friends on a European backpacking escapade for 3 months. Each day was a blank canvas, painted with art museums and diving head first into the cultures of each country. From camping in the Sahara Desert to cliff diving in Santorini, it was v incredible. 


(4 brunettes abroad in Ronda, Spain)

In August 2016,  I traded Disney World for the desert and moved to The Middle East (specifically, Doha, Qatar). I was accepted into a graduate management training program at St. Regis Doha. I lived the expat life, and worked with people from 60 different cultures daily. I subconsciously became more open-minded than ever before.


(desert safari in Qatar)

After riding my fair share of camels, I landed in sunny South Florida, working at an advertising agency for a year and exploring Florida’s hot-spots (literally…it’s about 100 degrees all the time). 


My current adventure is living in the nation’s capital in Washington D.C. #KLOTUSforPOTUS